• What is Our Purpose?

    Help our biz members & Associates to AI-proof their lives fast by helping our biz members to build a $250K to $1M biz by setting up 3 standard & AI-powered lead generation systems for them.


  • How will we achieve our purpose?  (Detail)

    We mainly achieve our purpose by setting up 2000 local MAG groups on Facebook for 2000 cities and signing up 50+ homepros for each group & then setting up 3 marketing systems for them on a 5% pay per sale basis.

    • MaxmentPro Alliance Group (MAG) -  so our biz members can get upto $100K per year referral business on autopilot from 50+ other local biz members.

    • Top of Mind System (TOMS) - so our biz members can get referrals from their existing customers on autopilot.

    • Auto Lead System (ALS) - so our biz members can reach 5,000 to 20,000 local homeowners weekly on autopilot, and @2% yearly closing ratio, can get 100 to 400 customers yearly or can build a $250,000 to  $1M business at no upfront cost.

  • What are our core values?

    • High NPS: We maintain 10% higher than industry average Net Promoter Score (NPS).
      Why? It's not possible to build a self-growing business without high NPS which means our business is delivering what it is promising.

    • No 3 Signs of a Miserable Job (3SMJ)—which are Anonymity, Irrelevance and Immeasurement. (Inspired by '3 Signs of a Miserable Job' book by Patrick Lencioni.)
      Why? With no 3SMJ, we don't need to motivate our Associates to achieve the company's purpose. On the other hand, if we have any one of 3SMJ, it will be very difficult to retain good talent and build a sustainable business.

    • TEAM/Group: Together Everyone Achieve More.
      Why? In AI environment, if you're not part of a team or a group, you wont' survive. We pledge that we will work as a team or a group to succeed together and will not leave anyone behind.

  • How do we make money?  We make money as an affiliate when homeowners buy services or products from our trusted local or national homepro members. There is no extra cost to homeowners for our service.

  • How do we work?  v.0 (summary)

    We’re fully distributed self-managing teams of Associates working remotely from the U.S., India, Pakistan and other countries around the world. To manage our business in an ever changing AI environment, we're using Holacracy & 6Q10S frameworks.

    Under Holacracy, the company's founders have ceded management control to Holacracy Constitution. It means, we don't have bosses or managers and everything is managed through self-managing teams who follow rules outlined in the Holacracy Constitution.

    Under 6Q10S, each quarter, teams responsible for the 6Q10S framework answer 6 questions and update 1 of 10 systems. 


  • How do we work?  v.0 (detail)

    • Holacracy Framework:

      • Holacracy is a framework of decentralized management and organizational governance, which distributes authority and decision-making through a Holacracy of self-organizing teams rather than being vested in a management hierarchy.
      • Holacracy makes this possible by putting a focus on purpose at every level: company purpose, team purpose, and individual purpose are all explicit and aligned.
      • Holacracy empowers everyone to act as a sensor for the organization. It provides clear pathways to turn challenges into opportunities for improvement.
      • In all Holacracy run organizations, including ours, there are no managers or bosses and everything is managed by self-managing teams which follow management processes outlined in the Holacracy Constitution.
      • Under Holacracy, the company is divided into self-managing Circles or teams.
      • Each circle has its own purpose, domain and accountabilities.
      • The first circle is called the Anchor Circle (or the Founding Circle) which is responsible for the company's purpose.
      • The Anchor Circle then do the following for each sub-circle beneath the Anchor Circle (if any):
        • Appoints a Circle Lead (or Team Lead) to that sub-circle and also determines a starting Name, Purpose, and Accountabilities for that sub-circle.
        • Asks the Circle Lead to the sub circle to define any initial roles that exist in that sub-circle, and gives them the minimal-possible definition just to capture any clarity that already exists in prior documents/systems.
        • Triggers the Circle Lead of that sub-circle to do the same steps for any of its own sub-circles, if any exist.
      • All members in Holacracy are called 'Partners'. We call our team members Maxment Associate Partner (MAP).
      • All MAPs belong to one or more distributed teams and are living and working remotely from the U.S., Canada, Pakistan and other countries around the world
      • This remote working model allows us to hire great help anywhere in the world and provide support to our homepro members using group management software from Facebook or our own.
      • Each quarter, each Circle runs governance meetings to setup quarterly goals and solve any governance related issues.
      • Each week, each Circle runs tactical meetings to review weekly tasks and solve any operational related issue.


    • 6Q10S Framework:

      The 6Q10S is a simple but very powerful business framework (or structure) where—each quarter—we answer or update 6 core business questions; update or enhance 3 marketing systems; and update or enhance 7 fulfillment  systems.

      • Each quarter, General Company Circle updates answers to 6 core business questions, and, if needed, other core documents such as Operating Agreement, People Agreement, Profit Distribution System.
      • Each quarter, 3 Circles maintain / enhance 3 standard & AI powered lead generation (or marketing) systems for our biz members.
      • Each quarter, 7 Circles maintain / enhance 7 standard & AI powered business fulfillment systems.
      • (Soon) Each quarter, the IT Team manages AI related projects to bring AI power to all 10 systems in 6Q10S.
      • Each quarter, each Circle runs 6Q10S governance meetings to setup quarterly goals and solve any governance related issues.
      • Each week, each Circle runs 6Q10S tactical meetings to review weekly tasks and solve any operational related issue.





  • What is our official location?: Our official mailing address is 1968 S Coast Hwy #204 Laguna Beach CA 92651, United States.


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