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Revised: Jan 2021


  Core Terms:

  1. Maintain industry average Net Promoter Score (NPS) (or customer satisfaction ratings) by delivering what you promise & customer expects. Why? Because without an industry average NPS, you won't be able to build a self-growing, sustainable business.

  2. Whenever possible—refer customers to our other local and national business members or create referral opportunities for our other local & national business members.

  3. Pay five percent (5%) of the gross business or fee whenever any referral or lead generated by Maxment's marketing systems converts or turns into a customer.

  4. Each quarter, update answers to 6 core questions (6Qs) on Google Doc and share it with Maxment. Although it is not mandatory, it's highly recommended that you should also share the answers with other members in your local group as well.  Why? This way, your employees and all other local members will have intimate knowledge of your business and will be in a better position to help you to achieve your purpose.

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  5. Until we have a proper tracking software, track status of all incoming and outgoing referrals or leads (with estimated dollar value if known) on a shared Google Sheet template provided by us and pay Maxment marketing fee by 10th of each month for the last month's closing of any referral or lead. You need to track the status of the following 3 types of referral / lead sources:
    1. Referrals or leads from your own local network.
    2. Referrals or leads from your national network.
    3. Referrals or leads from one or more Maxment Auto Lead System(s).

  6. Currently, all members belong to one of 2000 local Facebook groups and one or more national groups to give and get referrals. So after joining us, you must join recommended local and national groups.

  7. Once a year for 30 days, you must allocate one hour a day to perform moderation or admin services for one or two local groups and one or two national groups.

  8. To qualify to join, you must have served 10+ satisfied customers/clients during the last 12 months or have generated $100,000 gross business.

  9. Within 90 days of joining us, you must be able to provide a minimum 10 positive testimonials from your existing customers.

  10. One of your stated wildly important goals (WIG) should be to build a sustainable million dollar+ business. Why? Because, although there is NO GUARANTEE, but, once MaxmentPro will have 5,000 to 20,000 homeowner subscribers from your area and will start marketing your business to them, you should be able to build a $250K to a million dollar business and thus should be prepared mentally by having business systems in place to manage your growing business.

  11. If you're a real estate agent, you must also pledge to build a million dollar+ GCI.  Why? Because as a millionaire real estate agent, you will sell more homes every month; which in turn will generate more referrals for our home pro members from your local area. In return, home pro members will refer you to more clients. It is a win-win for all.

  12. One of the top reasons that most small businesses fail is because they don't have systems in place to manage their growth & implode. So to avoid that, once you have started generating $100,000 referral business a year through MaxmentPro,, you agree to follow the EMyth inspired 6Q10S framework (or any other EMyth inspired system such as EOS). 6Q10S is a generic framework under which you answer 6 core business questions and update 1 of 10 core business systems on a quarterly basis.

  13. One person per business specialty category is allowed to be a member of a Maxment chapter.

  14. A member (individual) may only participate in one chapter of Maxment at a time. Members of Maxment also may not be a member of any other organization like Maxment (allowing only one person per business category and whose focus is to develop referrals for its members).

  15. The prospective member (”applicant”) acknowledges that Maxment does not endorse the capabilities of professional expertise of any of its members and that the Applicant in choosing to conduct business with or refer clients to any other member of Maxment does so at its own risk. Maxment specifically accepts no liability in relation to business conducted or standards as between any of its members.

  16. Members of Maxment who want to change their business category must be approved by the Membership Council (with minimum two members) or 'Group Coordinator' GC or group admin assigned by Maxment or chosen by existing group members.

  17. Members of Maxment who want to transfer their membership to another Maxment chapter or to someone from their company must be a member in good standing and a new application and application fee must be submitted. The member must be approved by the Membership Council of the chapter where the member is wishing to transfer.

  18. Memberships in Maxment may be put on probation or forfeited by the Membership Council of the chapter for failure to adhere to the Policies of the organization. The Membership Council also has authority relating to the member’s business practices or problems with other members.

  19. At this time, quarterly & yearly physical meetings are NOT REQUIRED but highly recommended.

  20. Although quarterly & yearly membership meetings are not required, but you should attend if local members are organizing one. Why? Because quarterly and yearly meetings are one of the best ways to socialize with other members and to form lifelong friendships, create bonds and to give and get support.

  21. Members of Maxment who want to transfer their membership to another Maxment chapter or to someone from their company must be a member in good standing and a new application and application fee must be submitted. The member must be approved by the Membership Council of the new or existing chapter.

  22. An individual member cannot be in a second Maxment chapter nor in any other group that allows only one person per business specialty and whose primary purpose is to pass referrals to one another or support each other to build self-growing, self-managing business, because it substantially reduces their commitment to the chapter members. Membership Council must enforce this policy.

  23. Maxment  may establish chapters in every city or community with people interested in developing a referral-based business. In addition, Maxment reserves the right to open more than one chapter per community or city where Maxement's services are requested.

  24. Maxment membership also includes participation of our marketing materials such as testimonials, images, videos, and presentations. Member grants the company the rights and permissions to use the member’s name, company name, photo, statements, and industry information in all current and future media, in perpetuity.

  25. Maxment does not provide profession exclusivity. Members in the same profession may have unique areas of specialty such as Real Estate Agent Residential. Real Estate Agent Commercial. We believe that quality groups do include some overlaps between professions and that some of the best referrals come from members in the same profession. Although individual members may offer a broad range of services or specialty areas, each member should join under one area of specialty. Members are welcomed to communicate concerns about specialty conflict to Group Admin or Group Coordinator. Membership acceptance is ultimately the decision of Maxment Group Coordinator or Group Admin, not the individual member.

  26. In acceptance of Maxment membership the member assumes the risk of participation in meetings and events, releases the Company from all liability resulting from participation, understands the Company is not making any guarantees as to financial benefit, safety in relation with any participation, accepts that Maxment has discretion to admit members, and releases Maxment and affiliates from all liabilities.

  27. Membership requests received must be reviewed and approved by the Membership Council Maxment before membership begins.

  28. Territory: You will not receive an exclusive territory. You, however, will receive an exclusive membership for your core category in a local Chapter. You may face competition from other members, competitive brands, and/or from other channels of distribution.

  29. Term of Agreement and Renewal: There is no specified term length for the membership agreement. If all terms are met, agreement is auto renewed annually. There are no fixed terms for renewal or extension. Although agreement is auto renewed annually, it is not guaranteed. Maxment reserves the right to discontinue membership at renewal time or after renewal time without giving any reason.

  30. CODE OF ETHICS: Each member must also pledge to the following code of ethics on a quarterly basis:
    1. I will provide the quality of services at the prices that I have quoted.
    2. I will be truthful with the members and their referrals.
    3. I will build goodwill and trust among members and their referrals.
    4. I will take responsibility for following up on the referrals I receive.
    5. I will live up to the ethical standards of my profession.*
    6. I will display a positive and supportive attitude.

*(Professional standards outlined in a formal code of ethics, supersede the above standards.)