Roadmap - 2021-2025 (Public)


—Q2/2022—Setup national Facebook group as MAG-Realtors & signup 2000 real estate members—so they can get referrals from other 2000 RE agent members from 2000 cities on autopilot.

—Q4/2022—Setup 2,000 MAGs by using our own software (or by using FB group software) for 2000 cities & signup upto 50 members for each group with the help of 2,000+ Virtual Associates—so our biz members can get upto $100K per year referrals from 50+ other local homepro members on autopilot.



—Q4/2023—Signup 5,000+ Maxment Homeowner Subscribers (MHOMES) from each of 2000 U.S. cities and market our biz members to them—so @ 2% yearly closing ratio*—each biz member can get / retain 100 customers on autopilot.


*Note & Disclaimer: There is NO GUARANTEE that your business will achieve 2% average yearly closing ratio. Why? Because each biz is different and there are so many variables that can affect your closing ratio. To improve your closing ratio, you might need to setup/ maintain an EMyth inspired proven Closing System for your niche.