• What is our purpose? To help our 50+ home pro members from each of 2000 U.S. cities to build a million dollar business [by connecting them to our 20,000 homeowner members from their marketing areas] so our business members, their employees and our Associates can get what they want from our business.

  • What are our core values?

    • We achieve our goals by helping others to achieve theirs so EVERYBODY WINS. (Inspired by REMAX)

    • No Three Signs of a Miserable Job—which are Anonymity, Irrelevance and Immeasurement. (Inspired by 'Three Signs of a Miserable Job' book by Patrick Lencioni.)

  • What do we do? Maxment connects homeowners with 50+ recommended local home pros (recommended by top real estate agents from their areas).

  • What is our roadmap? Be operational in 200+ California cities by Dec 2021 and 2000 US cities by Dec 2022.

  • How do we make money? Maxment makes money as an affiliate when homeowners buy services or products from our trusted local or national homepro members. There is no extra cost to homeowners for our service.

  • How do we work? We’re a fully distributed team of 50+ Associates living and working remotely from the US, Pakistan, Philippines, and other countries around the world. This working model allows us to hire great help anywhere in the world and provide support to homeowners and our homepros via social media and (coming soon) via company forums.

  • What is our official location?: Our official mailing address is 1968 S Coast Hwy #204 Laguna Beach CA 92651, United States.